The Ijsselmeer Grand Tour – Netherlands

Thanks for joining me! In May 2020, I will be going to the Netherlands for a 450 km bike trip around Ijsselmeer Lake. I am going to use my blog as I way of planning our trip, hopefully getting some followers, people who may have completed this trip or a similar one, that can share their experience, and any tips needed for us to make this one of the best experiences ever!! While researching all the towns we will be visiting, I will share the history, what to do and visit, what to eat and drink, and in return I am hoping that people will share their comments and knowledge of the places we will be and that it will enhance the experience of our bike trip. Thank you for joining and coming along for the ride!!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein


  1. Looking forward to your posts, Sonya! I went to the Netherlands on a solo trip and loved it. Spent 7 days just in Amsterdam at a hostel and enjoyed the sights. My favourite place to eat was Cafe Smalle- it was adorable. It’s great you get to cycle all around and see more of the sights!

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  2. I will enjoy learning about your research on parts of the Netherlands as I too have history in this country.

    Your determination to get a job done is admirable. Good luck on this one.

    New question for you – Where will you pack the wine?

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