Bike Rental

Over the Christmas holidays I researched bike rentals in the Netherlands, and since they are the land of the “bike” there are tons of bike rental shops. We want to spend a few nights in the fabulous city of Amsterdam (more on that city later). So I picked A-Bike Rental. I talked to them and they were very friendly, helpful, and they have good reviews. They also have a shop near Dam Square (center of Amsterdam where the Kings Palace is – great place to people watch – more on that later too)

A normal bike is the cheapest, but not recommended for a trip of 500 km. It is 14.95 for the first day and $12.95 any extra days. If you are just going to ride around Amsterdam for a day this would be what you would rent.

They are recommending a touring or electric bike for longer trips. A touring bike is $19.95 for the first day, 14.95 for any additional days. If you want insurance it is $4 per day. An electric bike is $29.95 for the first day and $27.95 for any extra days (includes insurance). Everything is included – lock, if you break down they will tell you where to go and they will cover costs. So it will be a fairly cheap way to travel for 10 days. $155 for a touring bike. $282 for an electric bike. As it stands now, 2 sisters will be getting touring bikes and 2 will be getting electric.

Hmmm……should we get insurance? Insurance covers theft (less $50) as long as you have the key. Otherwise you pay something like $400. Insurance also covers damage. Insurance is optional on the touring bikes, but is included in the electric. From all the stories I hear of how many bikes get stolen all the time (I think just because they need some wheels to get them somewhere and then they dump it), I am thinking we should get insurance? It would only be an additional $40 but quite worth it if our bike goes missing or falls in one of the many canals.

The A-Bike Rental shop thinks that our panniers will fit on their bikes but I plan to send pictures to them to make sure. As our panniers will have to carry all of our luggage we have to be certain that they will fit on the bikes, or we will be pretty stinky by the end of the 10 days wearing the same clothes!


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