Amsterdam, Netherlands

This video is a great capture of Amsterdam!! Watch it!! and then read my blog. I have been to Amsterdam 3 times since the Spring of 2015. I fell in love with it and want to go back more than I can (at least what my pocket book dictates!). Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and ONE GREAT city!!! If you haven’t been, check it out, or if you are flying to Schipol Airport (which is an international airport hub) look to see if you can do a stop-over and spend 2 nights there while traveling. There are 165 canals and 1,000 bridges in Amsterdam – and the best way to see them is either by foot or bike! They have a fabulous tram system that can get you around the City very quickly. Or they have a canal hop on/hop off that gets you around the city by boat (kind of like our bus does here in Hamilton)

We are going to spend our first 2 nights in Amsterdam prior to starting our bike trip. Where did the name come from? Dam on the Amstel River = Amsterdam.

I just came back from being away for family day weekend and realized that I haven’t blogged for quite a few days. Yikes!! I need to blog 2 times per week for my course. So I finally sat down to blog. Tonight may be a long one since it is about Amsterdam! I love A’dam!

Bart (my husband and I) make home made bitterballen every year. In January we made 150 bitterballen and put them in the freezer. Bitterballen is a dutch meat-based snack. They eat it in pubs with beer like we eat chicken wings. I love Bitterballen!! 

So, I dug into our stash in the freezer, cooked them up, and while enjoying them with a dutch Heineken, it inspires me to blog! (oops! sorry Bart I ate them all!!)

So back to our bike trip. Our bike rental is in Dam Square. Dam Square is where the Royal Palace is located. King Willem-Alexander is the King of Netherlands, and his wife is Queen Maxima. Below is the best pub in Dam Square. Bart and I are sitting there in the middle enjoying Bitterballen and wine! (see the waitress photobombing our picture – lol – so many great fun people in Amsterdam!). We have a great view of the King’s Palace to the right of us. A must see if you go to Amsterdam!

When we stay in May 2020 we are going to be looking to stay somewhere close to Dam Square for 2 nights, so if any one has any suggestions please let us know. Stay tuned for my second blog on Amsterdam – I need to share the sites that I loved and what I think you should see and do!! But I want to hear what you think we should see and do in May of 2020 when we spend 2 nights in Amsterdam!


  1. I’m travelling Europe this summer once i finish my undergrad, Amsterdam is #1 on my list because of my dutch heritage. My Opa is from Delft and my Oma is from Sneek (pronounced like snake). Your posts and tips about Amsterdam are very helpful. You should try ollibollen, its like a donut with currants and apples. Also a good dutch treat!

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    • I have relatives in Sneek as well. We were there a couple years ago. Actually I have relatives ALL over the Netherlands. lol. We have 4 families since both my husband and I are from dutch background. When my in-laws passed away (almost 10 years ago) I took over the tradition of making oilebollen on new year’s eve day. Maybe I should make some and bring to share with the class!! You will love Amsterdam!!

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