The Golden Circle!

THANK YOU to all those in the Netherlands that responded to my blog on Facebook. I have read all the websites you gave me links to and have saved all of them in my “favorite links” on my blog. These will for sure be helpful in the planning of this trip.

The last blog I was getting a little frustrated as I was having difficulty finding information on the scenic route to bike around Isjelmeer Lake. I just finished going through all the great information I was sent on Facebook and BINGO!! I have what I need. Thank you Cousin Eric! This map/planner is exactly the route I was looking for. They refer to it as “The Golden Circle!”

Go to the website and check out the video. Even though it is in Dutch I was able to understand most of it. My parents talked dutch when we were young so my understanding is better than my speaking it. The video captures exactly what our day will be like. Biking through small villages, then going to our lodging, and relaxing by the water drinking some wine and eating some wonderful lekker dutch cheese!! and seeing and visiting all kinds of cool sites (that I will be researching and sharing in future blogs).

Image result for images ijsselmeer bike

It sounds like the map has a bit of a planner as well regarding where to stay – camping, bed and breakfast, hotel, etc. We would like to find a place that has comfy beds for 4 people, where we can make our own dinner and breakfast (or have someone cook it for us!!) and where we can have space outside to relax. So probably an AirBnB or a private Bed & Breakfast with our own space. If you go to our itinerary and see where we are going to be staying, and you know of a good accommodation please let us know.

I have ordered the map and planner. It was $12.95 Euros, and another $10 Euros for shipping. So even though it is costing me more than $30 for the map, I think it will be well worth it as we will need this. It is the LF Route and there are 3 sections of it that will take you around the Lake – Route LF-21, LF-22, and LF-23. All you have to do is follow their wonderful bike signs marked with the routes.

If you watched the video you will notice that the route is flat. All of the Netherlands is pretty flat! So biking 40 or 50 km in a day shouldn’t be too difficult. Do you think we need to train to bike 500 km in a little more than a week? I will save that topic for another blog but I do look forward to hearing your opinion. 🙂


  1. I love when infrastructure encourages public use of space. Having been to the Netherlands, it’s clear that they have made decisions based on maximizing space for the majority to enjoy. While many here would scoff at reducing car lanes in favour of bike lanes, it’s nice when decisions are made to benefit the majority! So it’s no wonder that so many bike there when roads are level and taken care of, signs are clear, they make it safe and the path is laid out so a beginner isn’t intimidated. Great!

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