My Great Find In Beamsville Ontario!

The Old Post Bakery – “We Have Good Taste!”

I had to blog again today as I was quite excited about my dutch bakery find in Beamsville this afternoon. I was suppose to make a dessert to bring, but because my blogging on dutch food took so long, I ran out of time. When I finished my blog, I got my things packed to head out to Niagara for the weekend for a St. Paddy’s Day celebration with my sisters.

On the way I decided to stop at Magnotta Winery in Beamsville to pick up some wine to bring along. I thought I would take a little drive down Ontario Street as I thought there was a market near by where I could get a pie. Then I recalled I was thinking of the Vineland cutoff . Darn! I went to turn around and oddly enough the parking lot I turned into was the Old Post Bakery. Sweet!!

If I would have read the sign before going in I would have known it was dutch – Speculaas!!
They started in Vineland in 1993 in the old post office building and hence their name. In 1998 they moved to this location in Beamsville.

The owners Slingerland’s are the owners and I am assuming dutch, although I have never heard of the name before. The girl that helped me at the counter was so nice! I took a pic of her (or thought I did) in the shop but not sure what happened. I don’t have it. I wanted to show how big this bakery was. Huge! and so much variety and great prices. So much dutch baking – almond boeterkoek, almond filled things, beef rolls, breads, raisin breads/buns, pies, cookies, etc. Worth the drive to Beamsville for some home-made dutch baking!

Not only did I get a cherry pie – made with local cherries from Vineland, I got almond boeterkoek and apple strudel . There address is 4474 Ontario St. and not far off the QEW. If you are ever in Wine Country this is worth the stop.

The best, she warmed my beef roll up so I could eat it in the vehicle. And she gave me a FREE stick of bread! I told her I was going to include the Old Post Bakery in my blog of dutch foods near Hamilton.

It doesn’t look like they have a website, but I found a great review from Phillip from Markham that also includes his pics. Plan a wine tour in the Beamsville area and put the Old Post Bakery on your list as one of the stops before heading home!

I then stopped at Magnotta and of course had to share my bakery find with them. Magnotta actually uses the Old Post Bakery for some of their wine events when they need bread, etc. We agreed that the prices are quite reasonable and the variety and quality looks exceptional.

Beamsville Bakery & Patisserie

She told me of another “dutch” bakery in town – the Beamsville Bakery & Patisserie. So I had to go. Very quaint but 100% dutch stuff. Salverda’s are the owners. A nice dutch man who immigrated here in 1972. He opened the bakery in 1974.

Click here for their Facebook Page

I bought a roll of droppies (dutch slated licorice) and home-made almond stuffed cookies. They reminded me of the fresh ones we had when we visited a windmill in the Netherlands – where the baker gave us some fresh out of the oven.

A very nice girl at the cash. We chatted about my bike trip in 2020 and my blog. I told them I would post info on their bakery on my blog.

They have some cool dutch things (look up behind the counter) in the shop, but not for sale. Another great place that you should pop in for a visit when in Niagara. Beamsville is only about a 30 minute drive from Hamilton.


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