Exciting day – the cycle map arrived!!

Zuiderzeeroute – LF Route

Thank you cousin Eric for suggesting this book including 6 maps. Exactly what we need to plan this cycle trip. 🙂

I had my Building Social Media Relationships class tonight. This blog is 2-fold:

  • 50% of my mark for my class is this blog (how you can help? – follow it, comment on it, and like it 🙂
  • researching and planning my cycle trip (with my sisters) to the Netherlands in May 2020
  • actually 3-fold – sharing my dutch culture and all the great things that the Netherlands has to offer! – and there are so many!!

Our instructor at the end of class tonight (9 p.m.) said “anyone wanting to stay behind for questions or work on their blog feel free.” I actually out loud said to my classmates “argh!! how can any of you work on your blog this late” and I left. But now here I am 9:56 p.m. blogging! When I got home there was a game-changer waiting for me. A package! The map that I ordered to help plan our trip around the Isjelmeer in the Netherlands came in the mail! Yay!! and I just needed to blog about it right away! I can tell by quickly scanning through it, it is exactly what we need!

Features/details of the Zuiderzeeroute book and maps:

  • Cycling along the historical villages around Isjelmeer
  • 400 km signposted LF route (LF21, LF22, LF23) – I learned our cycle trip is 400 not 500 km. I am sure a few of my sisters will be happy to hear that!
  • 3 double-sided cycle maps scale 1:100,000 – very detailed information on the maps that will help as we travel from village to village, and provides a detailed legend explaining what everything is.
  • Places to stay and background information – they list all the places to stay and those that are “bike-friendly”. I find that comment actually funny, because I can’t really see anyone in the Netherlands that is not “bike-friendly”. haha.
  • the booklet gives you instructions for use: contents of the maps, how to organize your ride, how and where to begin, selecting places to stay, preparing of the ride re: cycle and packing, and hopping on and off your bike and lots of cycling fun!
  • Highlights along the route are included in the booklet
  • How to follow the signs on the route – this will be a good one as if I don’t follow a map or instructions I will get lost!
  • provides a distance table showing how many kilometers between cities/villages.

I am feeling relieved to have this book and map in hand. It will be a useful tool not only in the planning of our cycle trip but also in May 2020 when we are on our trip. The booklet and map come in a plastic sleeve that will make it helpful when travelling (and I don’t want to say that R word that the Netherlands gets quite a bit of) 🙂

“Happy Cycling” says Landelijk Fietplatform…. which is the company where I purchased the map/booklet.


  1. I am excited for you Sonya!!! As a former military man, maps are highly useful. Even how you unfold the map, and store it with your route showing, for quick reference instead of unfolding the “map accordion” every time you want to reference it! It also helps to orient the map by holding it the way the terrain lies. You might want to get a little compass to get your map oriented to the true north, or ensure you are heading the proper direction ie. north west! Excellent blog!!!


    • Thanks Bob for posting on my blog 🙂 I have a great blog idea that involves you. I would like to blog about Nijmegen walk/4 day March. I think you did this correct? Maybe you can write about your experience (a couple paragraphs) and I will insert it into my blog post about it. You can be my Canadian Military buddy who will be my “guest writer”. I can write the history about how it came about and all the details, etc. and I will share links to information about it. But you can give me the personal experience – how it made you feel, what you observed, etc. This would be an awesome blog!


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