Do you need to train to cycle 450 km?

In May 2020, our cycle trip in the Netherlands will take us 450 km around Isjelmeer Lake. Since the Netherlands is flat I would say “just get on your bike and ride!!”

But….there is wind and we all know what biking against the wind is like. I wonder how much wind we will get on Route LF in the Netherlands? At least one of my fellow cyclists will be getting an electric bike so this will be helpful with windy conditions.

Do you need to prepare your bum to sit on a bike for 10 days? Do you need to prepare your legs?, your heart? your lungs? Researching this all points to YES – we need to do some training before we go. There are many helpful sites on the internet that provide you with this information.

So to build up your legs and your lungs for cycling the following is what I found on the internet.

  1. Start easy. Don’t try to to do too much right away. …
  2. Ride several days a week. …
  3. Choose your routes wisely. …
  4. Recovery is as important as riding. …
  5. There will be good days and bad days. …
  6. Build community. …
  7. Keep Track.

For more detailed information the website A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling has some good tips!

How to avoid SBS (Sore Butt Syndrome)

Great Freedom Adventures has some good tips on how to get ready for a lengthy cycle trip, and also how to avoid SBS!

Top Ten Stretches for Cyclists

Stretching is Important

Stretching is probably the most important thing to remember to do on a long cycle trip.

  • during training
  • before your ride
  • during your ride
  • after you ride

7 simple stretching exercises for cyclists.

Keep Hydrated

Important to keep hydrated when you cycle. Even more so when it is extremely hot. You should start your cycling day by drinking up to 500 ml of water (preferably with lemon). Click here to 5 hydration tips to keep in mind. And the best Post-Ride Reward will be a nice cold dutch beer! Prost!


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