Hoorn to Medemblik (43 km)

Day 4 we plan to cycle from Hoorn to Medemblik which will be a 43 km ride. They call this section the Historical Triangle. They have tours with an old steam tram and boat that will take you this route, but since it will take 3 to 5 hours and we have our own cycles, we will be touring the section along the water by bike.

The Exciting Journey Through Time by steam tram and boat connects the cities in the Historic Triangle – Hoorn, Medemblik, and Enkhuizen. Steam trams run between Hoorn and Medemblik; the boat travels between Medemblik, the Zuiderzee Museum, and Enklhuizen. A short Dutch Railways train ride completes the trip around the Historical Triangle.
The steam tram, boat, and train are all just a short walk from each other and connections are seamless. Day 4 we plan to cycle from Hoorn to Medemblik which will be a 43 km ride.


During the Golden Age (1585-1672) Hoorn was more important than Amsterdam. In the centre of Hoorn there are various monuments from these days – Hoofdtoren Tower at the harbour and the Westfries Museum at the central “De Rode Steen” square. These are things that we should see when visiting Hoorn. There is a restaurant in the Tower which looks like it might be a good choice for dinner or drinks when we are there.


If we are in Medemblik on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday we can visit their local brewery – Radboud Brewery. It is located in the original location of the Anker Brewery which originated in 1591 and brewed much of the country’s beer.

Medemblik is the smallest and oldest city of West Friesland. The first harbour, Oude Haven, was dug behind the east-west sea dyke.  It is filled with old buildings and picturesque views throughout the city.


Flour Mill De Herder is a working mill and is considered a state monument, as it was rebuilt in 1986 from various old parts of other windmills from as early as 1904. It is open year round on Saturdays and from April to Sept it is also open Tues and Thurs, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Flour Mill De Herder in Medemblik

Depending on what day of the week we are here, will depend if we get to see it from the inside/out or only from the outside.



I found this one on AirBnB. Cool!!! This is 11 km before Medemblik so probably not an option for us. But now it gets me thinking about what other cool accommodations can we find on the water.

Prices for accommodations seem to be a bit higher in the Medemblik area and understandably so after reading about the great tourist area it is. If anyone knows a great place to stay please let us know, or what we don’t want to miss when we stay in Medemblik.

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  1. Wow. I can’t believe all the interesting things that I missed on my previous trips to the Netherlands. Hope I get an invite to travel with my “little” sisters when they go to Holland. Ha ha.


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