Routemap for LF22 (and our flight is booked)

It has been awhile since I last blogged. Our trip is now only 6 months away so we should be confirming our route. I found this great routeplanner website for Route LF22. It has been very helpful in calculating distances since I am looking to make a few changes to our route. So with this website and the maps/booklet I originally purchased it is good for planning. And thank goodness for Mr. Google – this would have been so difficult to plan pre-internet.

Since the Afsluitdijk is going to be closed, we will be driven across by bus, so we do not have to bike 32 km. It would be great to go a little further than planned on this day so we can stay in Hindeloopen (a very pretty village) and then we can spread the kms out across the other days so we bike a little less every day than planned.

New Route plan?

I am going to check with a few people who live in the Netherlands, maybe near Friesland, who know the area to get their thoughts. It would be nice to distribute the last 3 days of our bike trip a little more evenly but not sure exactly how. Will have to look at the towns/cities on the route and see if there is another plan. If any one has any suggestions we would love to hear from you.

And yes, our flight is booked!! Yay!

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