The Trainer has Arrived!

I decided that I needed to start training. So I bought a RAD (Ride all Day!) Max Racer Bike Trainer. It arrived today. Yay!


  • train indoors all seasons
  • folds easily for storage or transport
  • fits bikes with 26 – 28 & 700cc wheels
  • front wheel anti-slip levelling stand
  • easy setup, quiet operation (I have my fingers crossed the quiet is true!)
  • simulate road riding / speed / interval training
  • progressive magnetic resistance increases with speed
  • 9 level adjustable resistance controller attaches to handlbars – instant control

If any has one and would like to share how they like it, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.

I searched on-line to see about some tips for using a bike trainer. I found an informative site on beginners using a trainer. I think the most important thing for me will be to find workouts on youtube, try them out, and then select the best one for me.

Time to go get this set up and start riding!!


  1. You were going to check with a friend and let me know which one to get. Is this the one that was recommended? I was just looking at them again on Amazon.


    • Yes it was about changing the gears. This one has 7 settings. It was a good deal. It had good reviews so I just bought it.i didn’t want to spend 300. This one was under 130, free delivery and arrived in 2 days. I am setting up today and will let you know how it is.


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