Making Good Progress!

We have been busy finalizing our route and confirming our accommodations, and since we have ALL of our accommodations booked, I would say that our route is also confirmed!! We will be cycling on the LF cycle routes and with the handy routeplanner it has been a great help to narrow down our distances, what villages we will be cycling through, and based on km/hour how long it will take us each day. Total km to cycle is approx. 400 from Amsterdam to Amsterdam!

New Route


Edam – 41.66 km

Enkhuizen – 45. 87 km

Hindeloopen – 63 km (plus 32 by bus over the dijk)

Lemmer – 42. 71 km

Zwartsluis – 47.35 km

Hierden – 55 km

Spakenburg – 33 km

Amsterdam – 55.9 km

Next Steps

Now we can start researching all the small villages that we will be travelling through each day and finding all the great highlights we want to see as we pass by. If you have any information to share of things we do not want to miss! please let us know. Thanks!

1st stop on our cycle trip – EDAM!! I think we should eat some cheese when we are there!!!

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